Men’s Chorus Philosophy: Parable of the Wine Bottles

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Every year, Sister Hall tells the choir about the parable of the wine bottles. It goes something like this:

“There was once a wedding and all of the numerous guests were asked to bring a bottle of wine to help with the celebrations. They would all be added together into one giant cask, and then served to everyone through a spigot.

“One guest, upon thinking about how expensive a bottle of wine is, decided that he would take an old bottle and fill it with water. He rationalized to himself that one bottle diluting so many wouldn’t make a discernable difference.

“On the day of the wedding he dutifully emptied his bottle and then stepped back and everyone else added the contents of their bottles. The top of the barrel was closed, and it was tapped. The groom and bride came forward to pour the first glass together, and much to their surprise, out of the tap poured pure, clear water.

“Every guest had the same idea. They all thought they could get away with less than a full bottle of wine and that no one would notice.”

Sister Hall then explains, much like those wedding guests, we as singers can be tempted to not bring our best to every rehearsal or performance. We can rationalize that one voice among so many won’t be noticed, but it isn’t so.

Each one of us needs to sing at our very best, every day, if we want to reach our greatest potential as a group. If one man doesn’t, then the others might not as well, and the group will suffer as a whole.

She then has us commit to bring a full bottle of figurative wine to every rehearsal, and on days when the choir seems antsy or not fully engaged she will remind us of our commitment.  Remember to bring your full bottle of wine.

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